KnRs Furnace & Duct Cleaning’s Mission & Ethical Code

Our mission is simple in theory but requires dedication and diligence to fulfill:

  • To provide the highest quality HVAC cleaning service to customers in the Medicine Hat, Alberta, region, as well as any other community we may serve.
  • To perform our jobs in a courteous, thorough and professional manner.
  • To give our customers every reason to accept and recommend KnRs as their preferred HVAC cleaning company.

Our Code of Ethics

KnRs has agreed to conduct its air duct cleaning business in accordance with the following mandatory Code of Ethics:

  • We will serve our customers with integrity and competence.
  • We will be honest and forthright in our advertising and business transactions.
  • We will provide our clients with accurate inspections and evaluations of the cleanliness and physical condition of their HVAC systems, using this information to determine the type of cleaning and maintenance services required, if any.
  • We will utilize the services and products of those who possess specialized skills, tools or trades not possessed by us, when circumstances call for work to be done which we are unable to perform.
  • We will require that all employees of our firm practice furnace/air duct cleaning in accordance to this Code of Ethics.

We no longer offer a reference list for privacy laws, but feel free to share your testimonies with us and you experience with KnRs.

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